Inspired Sunday Brunch


This year, plan on one great idea to keep family and friends near. Invite special ones or the neighbors over for a fabulous Sunday brunch. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon, plus fuel up for the week ahead. Monday morning commutes or teleconferences will be all the easier after a relaxing day with aromatic, barista-approved coffee and mimosas. Use these ideas to showcase an easy, no-fuss, buffet-style spread, sure to please any guest!

Tasteful Tabletops

Keep décor simple. Pick up some bright spring flowers to add an inviting touch of color to your buffet. Choose simple, multi-colored blossoms, or go all yellow to match the day’s egg-centric theme. Flowers not your thing? Cut material to create table runners for your kitchen island, bar or coffee table. Go pastel, whimsical, preppy or even nautical.

Match Point

Don’t worry about the plates, serving platters and silverware all matching. Mismatched has its own unique charm.

Java and Juice

Create your own coffeehouse-inspired beverages starting with a strong coffee made with your home countertop coffee maker. Provide assorted syrups and flavorings to let guests make their own drinks.

For kids and non coffee-drinkers, set out an array of juices. Try orange, cranberry or even exotic guava to make a pretty, colorful display in glass carafes.

Add some real pop with bottles of cold Prosecco, and let adult guests create fizzy combos.

A Memorable Menu

Create crustless mini quiches or purchase mini quiches from your grocery or warehouse store, which often have delicious options ready to pop from your freezer straight to your oven.

Breakfast of Champions

Make a signature dish ahead of time. Score with a slow cooker filled with a delicious whole grain like hearty oatmeal. Or go savory with polenta with spinach, parmesan and pancetta. Finish with fresh fruit in season.

The Bar is Open

For a memorable and easy buffet, set up a breakfast bar. Try assorted muffins, breads (pumpkin, banana or hearty Harvest), marmalades and butters, or do a fun bagel bar with cream cheese, lox, cucumbers and other toppings. Guests will love topping their own unique creations.

Community Kitchen

Brunch is the theme, but the intent is to get friends and family together. If the idea of hosting and cooking is a bit overwhelming, open your home and have everyone bring a dish. It might be such a hit that it kickstarts your very own brunch club.

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