Laying Out an Efficient Garage Gym


If you’re tired of beating the crowds at the gym during peak hours or just want more privacy when you work out, an in-home gym is an excellent opportunity to create a fitness space you can access anytime. Take advantage of the following tips as you lay out your garage gym.

Go for foam flooring.
The floor in your home gym can protect your equipment and reduce the amount of noise coming out of your gym as you train. Look for commercial-grade-foam or rubber flooring, which typically comes in interlocking squares.

Use vertical space.
By adding wall attachments for exercise bands, jump ropes, foam rollers and other accessories, you can keep more open room in the garage to work out.

Identify your core gym movements.
When buying equipment, identify what type of exercises you are looking to focus on within your garage gym.

If cardio is an important aspect of your gym, think about your favorite cardio workouts, whether it’s using an elliptical machine, kettle-based workouts, or another regime.

For most compound movements where you are using multiple muscles, you can either use a barbell or dumbbells. In the interest of space and budget, most home gyms have a bench and rack with a barbell so you can squat (front and back), bench press (including close grip to target triceps) and perform other multi-joint movements.

Do you also want space for bodyweight exercises, stretching and yoga? You’ll need ample room and mats.

Buy versatile equipment.
You can stretch your dollar further by picking out equipment that you can use for multiple movements you may already perform. When purchasing a bench press, it should have an adjustable seat back ranging from flat to 90 degrees for incline and seated exercises.

If you’re looking to build your lats or target your core, a pull-up bar can be a great feature to have on your exercise rack.

Set yourself up for success.
Consider what helps you to focus and can motivate you while you’re working out. Would a mirror help to double check your technique? Do you want surround sound in your garage gym? You may also find inspiration hanging photos of other accomplished athletes on your gym walls as you visualize your desired training results.

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