Let’s Do Brunch!


Enjoy a new twist on your favorite holiday by hosting a fun brunch this year. Brunch is a great way to ring in the New Year, celebrate spring or just get friends and family together to enjoy each other. With fruity beverages, savory fare and happy guests, there’s no excuse not to feel festive.

Get started with these easy brunch ideas:

Do plan a make-ahead menu.
Many delicious breakfast casseroles can be assembled in less than 15 minutes and refrigerated overnight. Just pop into the oven and bake right before guests arrive. To please a crowd, pick up a fresh fruit tray at the grocery store along with freshly baked breakfast breads and fruit jams. They’ll make nice accompaniments to the casserole with little effort on your part.

Showcase an ample, but simple, buffet.
Holiday brunches should be a time to kick back, relax and enjoy time with friends and family. A no-fuss buffet will give you plenty of time to mingle with guests. Try assorted pre-made quiches (just heat and serve), muffins from your local bakery and fruit. Or do a fun bagel bar with cream cheese, lox, cucumbers and other toppings. Guests will love making their own unique creations.

Ask guests to bring a favorite dish.
When you ask guests to contribute, they can enjoy helping with the event. Plus, you’ll have guaranteed crowd-pleasers and enough diversity to satisfy everyone. Ask friends to provide tasty scones, stratas, coffee cake or beverages.

Celebrate the season.
Find ways to incorporate the season into your brunch menu and decor. Think fresh fruit salad and flowers for spring, gingerbread lattes and pumpkins for fall, or peppermint hot chocolate and pine cones for winter.

Try fun food stations.
Fuel up for the week ahead with tasty edibles at different stations. Start with an aromatic coffee table, and offer assorted syrups and flavorings to let guests make their own coffeehouse-inspired drinks. Or add a piquant punch and a powerhouse of vitamins with a juice bar. For adult guests, add some pop with cold Prosecco or spice it up with Bloody Mary mix and garnishes like olives, celery, hot pepper sauce or pickled green beans. If you and your guests are ambitious types, set up a waffle maker and allow everyone to make their own.

Start a brunch club.
Keep the brunch inspiration going with a breakfast club. Open your home first, and have everyone bring a dish. Then, continue the festivities every month or quarter at someone else’s home.

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