Making Mother’s Day Memories at Home


We’ve all been spending more time at home these days. Whether you’re passing the time in old familiar ways (retro games and puzzles) or going digital (streaming movies and virtual happy hours), the bonus is being more connected.

Perhaps no one is happier about increased time together than mom. With Mother’s Day approaching, now’s the time to prepare something special for the mom in your life. Pardee Homes makes it easy to celebrate Mother’s Day at home. From beautiful multi-generational suites to gorgeous bathrooms and spacious kitchens, you’ll have plenty of room to indulge your favorite matriarch right at home.

Here are some ideas to try:

Organize a tasting.
, cheese or wine. Pick mom’s favorite and set up a tasting bar with an assortment of edibles or libations to enjoy and discuss. For even more fun, host a virtual meetup and connect with out-of-town friends or family who are having their own home sample-and-sip party.

Plan an exotic staycation.
Even if she can’t jet off to Europe, mom can still enjoy a little taste of Rome – or any destination that appeals to her. Cook or pick up an authentic Italian meal, or plan a backyard picnic to enjoy the delicious flavors of the country. Try crusty bread, good olive oil, savory Parmesan or Romano cheese, and cured Italian meats like prosciutto and mortadella for a wonderful feast. Add a special touch with a red and white gingham tablecloth and fresh flowers. Learn some basic words in Italian, such as “mangiamo” (let’s eat) and “grazie” (thank you).

Deliver R&R.
Every mom is down for some pampering. Kids can create coupons for special rest and relaxation time and services, such as:

  • Sleeping late
  • Breakfast in bed
  • An in-home manicure
  • An hour alone to take a luxurious soak in the tub, read or call a friend
  • No sibling squabbles for an entire day

Let mom redeem her coupons throughout Mother’s Day weekend or even later in the year.

Create a hands-on masterpiece.
Mom will love art made with her children’s handprints or footprints. Have your kids place hands or feet into a shallow tub of non-toxic paint and press onto craft paper, leaving colorful prints behind. Pinterest has tons of ideas for projects. Add a special message and label each with the child’s name and date. Mom or grandma will have a special memory for years to come!

Spark joy.
What mom wouldn’t love to clear up some clutter? Take the initiative to KonMari a closet, pantry or other space for your mother. No task is too daunting when you channel organization guru Marie Kondo.

Stage a photoshoot.
Family pictures are always a favorite for moms and grandmothers. Have everyone get dressed up and take photos. Frame a few of the best shots for a special Mother’s Day keepsake. Tip: For the best presentation, pros suggest color-coordinated or matching outfits in medium-toned, solid colors.

Are you looking for a new home that has plenty of room to indulge your mom, perhaps in her own spa-like bath or multi-gen suite? One of our New Home Specialists would be happy to help.

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