Making Your Home Extra Cozy for the Holiday Season


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Hosting friends and family in your home can make the holidays the most wonderful time of the year. When you have a full house for the holidays, whether you’re throwing a party or welcoming overnight guests for an extended visit, keep in mind the following tips to make your home more welcoming.

Take the night by candlelight.
With the shorter days of sunlight, you can cast a glow on a smaller evening party with scented candles. Alternatively, change up the ambiance with dimmer lights. Pair it with the warm sound of holiday tunes playing on a record player to really set the mood.

Create new traditions.
Your household may already have some go-to activities around the holidays, but everyone could always use more fun! Whether it’s a gingerbread house contest, holiday light tour or trying out an old family recipe, there are many festive opportunities.

Adding extra hospitality.
Help overnight guests feel welcome with just a few simple additions. Set up a morning coffee or tea basket in their room so your guests can wake up at their own pace. Then if anyone wants a snack throughout the day, have holiday snacks lingering around your home in jars, bowls and on countertops.

Create a nook in your guest room where anyone can curl up in a blanket to read a book or sip on coffee. You can also help by setting up LED lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets in case a nighttime straggler needs a glass of water. And don’t forget a rug in the guest bath where feet would otherwise meet cold tile.

Keep extra toothbrushes handy.
Inevitably, someone will forget to pack a toothbrush, toothpaste or other important toiletries. Make sure everyone’s comfortable from the day they arrive by keeping a basket of extra toiletries in the guest bathroom.

Bring in warm colors.
Yes, even the choice of tones can bring a wave of coziness to your home. Consider adding in a few extra pillows or accessories in warmer neutrals.

Arrange more personal touches.
If your home is looking a tad too sterile, here’s an opportunity to add more texture indoors. Consider rustic wood, burlap and woven pieces along with fluffy throws and rugs.

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