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Elegant, traditional or eclectic, master bedrooms have one thing in common.They’re generally a homeowner’s sanctuary.Increasingly, homebuyers today are asking for a specific feature when it comes to master bedrooms. They want them downstairs. These masterful additions on the first level have lots of benefits.

A master bedroom downstairs offers close proximity to the main living areas of the home, like the kitchen, great room or outdoor living spaces. Getting a midnight snack has never been so easy. Plus, who wants to run up the stairs if you forget the umbrella or car keys?

With more space and privacy, second time homebuyers or buyers with teenage children appreciate having a bedroom on the lower level. Especially when the music begins blaring and shaking the entire upper floor.

Multi-generational family households have increased by 40 percent since 1970, and now more than 50 million people live in homes with multiple generations, according to While the sandwich generation may be able to navigate stairs, parents who live with them may not. Downstairs living arrangements provide space and privacy, without the worry of a spill on the stairs.

Future plans.
Climbing stairs may not be an issue for many homeowners today, but many are taking into consideration how to use their homes long-term. What will that look like in 10, 15 or 20 years? With a master bedroom downstairs and/or a single-story home, independent living may be enhanced well into the future.

Thinking about a Single-story Home or Downstairs Master?
Pardee Homes has a selection of house plans with single stories or downstairs master bedrooms accommodating empty nesters and younger families alike. Whether single-story, downstairs master or room for a home office, connect with a Pardee Homes New Home Specialist to find the new home and neighborhood that’s right for you.

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