More Than an Island


Your kitchen island can give you so much more than a place to prepare meals. A striking focal point in the heart of your home, an island often becomes the most popular place for family and friends to gather. Consider the possibilities:

Homework help.

An island provides the perfect place for kids to get their homework done while also having easy access to brain food. Even better yet, you can help them with the tough questions while you’re making dinner.

Food prep fun.

You now have more room to chop your veggies and mince your garlic. No more fumbling around your countertops searching for nonexistent space; your island transforms your kitchen into a cooking paradise.

Breakfast bar.

Whether the kitchen table is full or you just want a new view while you eat your cereal, an island provides another space to comfortably chow down.

Party time.

The perfect spot for a buffet line at your latest house party, spread out everyone’s homemade treats and gather round for some amazing grub and chit chat. Host a wine and cheese tasting or a baking or cooking demonstration event — there’s room for everyone!

A unique space.

An island can be many things, but what you use it for is all up to you. Making an island your own is what brings the whole kitchen and the whole family together.

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