Moving Checklist and Timeline


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Congratulations! You’re moving into a new home, and hopefully it’s one from Pardee Homes. From packing to transferring your utilities, there’s a lot to do before your big move-in day. Use this checklist and timeline to help keep everything on track.

Two Months Out

  • Sort through your closets, drawers or any areas that may require a little more attention.
  • Create “keep,” “donate/sell” and “recycle” boxes.
  • Reserve transportation and book loading and unloading help (if you don’t plan on doing it yourself).
  • Start planning how to arrange your furniture in your new home.

 Six Weeks Out

  • Have a garage sale.
  • Notify services that you will be moving and start obtaining important documents (from banks, doctors, etc.).
  • Request any necessary record transfers between schools.
  • Research dental, medical and veterinarian providers and ask about referrals for your new area.

 One Month Out

  • Buy boxes, tape, bubble wrap and other important moving materials.
  • If renting, notify your landlord 30 days or more before move-out.
  • Your loan officer will be communicating with you.
  • Cancel current utility services and pre-select your phone, cable and/or internet service package.

Three Weeks Out

  • Transfer current prescriptions to your new local pharmacy.
  • Start notifying friends, family and important businesses of your move.
  • Arrange any child/pet care you may need on moving day.

Two Weeks Out

  • Confirm your document signing appointment.
  • Pack, pack, pack!
  • Pack a suitcase for moving day with all the items you’ll need for your first night in your new home (toothbrushes, toilet paper, pajamas, etc.).
  • Confirm scheduled packing and/or loading days.

One Week Out

  • Keep packing
  • Don’t forget your checkbook and valid ID when going to your signing appointment.
  • Visit to submit your change of address online.
  • If you’re moving with kids, pack a bag with snacks and games to keep them entertained on moving day.

Moving Day

  • Pick up your keys from the New Home Gallery.
  • Unpack and get organized.
  • Remember to celebrate!

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