How to Design an Exercise Room

Two of the most popular forms of exercise today are worlds apart – yoga, a calming, stretching regimen, and Zumba, a high energy exercise routine inspired by Latin dance music. Yet, both can be just steps away if you have a designated workout area in your own home.

The benefits of a home workout area are many. Yoga focuses on calming the mind, and Zumba is billed as a fun workout that can lift spirits. With a home yoga retreat or exercise area, you can get started anytime it’s convenient for you. That means it may be easier to stick to a regular routine and reach your fitness goals. Best of all, you don’t waste valuable time and energy slogging to the gym or working out in all kinds of weather.

Whatever your preferred workout, all you need for a home exercise space is a small room with just a few pieces of the right equipment and a positive attitude. Let’s get started!

Determine your goals.
What are you going to use the room for? If yoga is your primary focus, you’ll need a mat, blocks and a soothing space with enough room for your Proud Warrior. Prefer upbeat, energetic routines like Zumba or a strengthening routine with free weights? You’ll need the right space and equipment.

First, the floor.
If your room is not carpeted, consider covering it with interlocking foam flooring pads or using foam-backed carpet pieces. They’re easier on the joints. And, they can protect existing flooring from friction if using equipment like a weight bench or a treadmill.

Set the mood with color.
Stimulating hues like cherry reds, cheery yellows and punchy oranges will energize during Zumba or a kickboxing workout. For yoga, tai chi or meditation, consider soothing tones like lavender, aquamarine or cool greens, which promote calmness, serenity and a clear mind.

Incorporate as much natural light as possible.
Use pale sheers or blinds on your windows. Hang a mirror to reflect the light. Bonus: Mirrors make spaces feel bigger and allow you to check and correct your exercise moves or yoga poses.

Store your stuff.
Metal storage shelves or prefabricated cabinets are great for tucking away towels, yoga mats, exercise balls, weightlifting gloves, resistance bands and workout DVDS.

Tedious exercise?
A television is a good distraction for repetitive exercise, such as working out on the elliptical. Plus, you can stream yoga classes or tune in to a new fitness regimen for variety.

Just chill.
Consider a small refrigerator to cool water, sports drinks and ice packs.

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Safety first – please consult a physician before starting any new exercise program.

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