Outdoor Games to Love


Longer days. Warmer nights. Summer fun. When balmier temps arrive, it’s time to head outdoors to enjoy exciting lawn games and backyard events. Whether you’re hosting a friends’ get-together or kids’ slumber party, try a line-up of inspired summer entertainment. Ready. Set. Play!

Water Balloon Dodge Ball/Pass the Balloon
The secret to beating sizzling summer heat is H20, of course. Fill up small balloons with water, and corral them in a waterproof container like a plastic tub or bin. Invite the kids (or kids at heart) to take aim, and enjoy the squeals. Be alert: ‘rents are perfect targets! For another fun game, gather the kiddos into a circle and have them pass a water balloon person to person without using hands. See who gets drenched first.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling
Kids will love this nighttime game that uses glow sticks and water bottles to make colorful, lighted bowling pins. You can find glow sticks in the party aisle at discount department stores, or check your local dollar store. Place the glow sticks in the water bottles, and replace the cap tightly. Set the bottles up in a bowling pin pattern, and use a sturdy ball (like a soccer ball) to roll over the glow-in-the-dark pins.

Outside Chalkboard Competition
Chalkboard paint is the secret to a slew of fun summer games. Make a collapsible chalkboard by covering vinyl or oilcloth with chalkboard paint. After it has dried, hang the new chalkboard onto your garage or a fence, and use it to play a giant outdoor version of Pictionary® (basically charades, but with drawing). You can also use the board for other games, too.

Classic Croquet
Grab a mallet, and enjoy this genteel lawn game. Croquet has roots dating back to the 1300s, but is still great fun today. Two to six people gently nudge small colored balls under a series of wickets. Best of all, kids and adults alike can master this game.

Badminton and Bocce Ball
Two perennial favorites, badminton and bocce ball, can be played year round and are perfect for the backyard. You’ll need a game set with racquets, gamecocks and a net for badminton. Bocce ball combines the best of skee-ball, bowling and shuffleboard in a relaxed, but strategic game. Bring on the friendly competition.

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