Pads for Parents


If you have a senior loved one who lives with you, you’re not alone. About nine percent of seniors live with their children, children-in-laws or other family members, according to the Huffington Post, reporting on a U.S. Census Bureau study from 2012. And, the trend is steadily increasing.

Pardee Homes’ innovative new concept, the GenSmart Suite®, is a perfect solution for multi-generation households. These private suites, a home within a home, offer private entrances and their own individual living, eating and sleeping spaces, which provide senior family members comfort and independence, plus peace of mind for you. Pardee Homes’ GenSmart Suite allows parents to have their own space, but provides comfort to children knowing they are nearby if help is needed.

Even if your household does not allow for a personal suite, experts say a living transition can be easier for all family members if seniors are able to maintain a sense of independence. According to, the focus on making a home elder-friendly should always be on increasing and improving the following five elements:

• Self-sufficiency/self-reliance
• Mobility
• Safety
• Security
• Comfort/convenience

Little changes can make a big difference in the comfort and well-being of your senior loved ones. Consider the following:

To have and to hold.
Grab bars/handrails can be installed in the bath, in the tub and near the toilet. Make sure they are a contrasting color from the walls so that they are highly visible.

Amp up the lighting. Use more lighting sources, especially direct task lighting like lamps, and higher wattage bulbs. At bedtime, plug in simple night lights.

Perfect the paint. Surprisingly, paint can even make a difference in a room’s visibility. To better reflect lighting, walls should be painted a light, but glare-free color with white ceilings.

Wax on, wax off. Floors should be dull rather than waxed for safety.

Tape is tops. Colored tape can be placed on the first and last steps of a stairway to indicate a change in height.

Make parents or in-laws feel at home.
Incorporate their favorite framed family photos and special art or keepsakes.

Wake-up call.
Provide large number alarm clocks or vibrating alarms.

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