Picture Hanging 101


There’s an art to hanging pictures. With a few pointers, though, you can create high-impact arrangements that work in your home.

Create a unifying element.
Mats are a good example. Consider using all white mats, but place them in different-colored frames, such as black, white and silver.

An artful statement.
Pinterest and home décor magazines or retail catalogs are a great place to find ideas. Pottery Barn offers downloadable templates you can use to create your arrangement.

Hang your pictures or art in varying sizes to cover a wall like an art gallery.  Hint: To get your special look, arrange the frames on the floor first to get the pattern you want. Southern Living shares some easy tricks you can use to get your gallery just right.

Wrapping paper with grids is great tool to hang your art evenly. Place it on your wall, taking care it is straight. Line up each picture and mark the spot on the wall through the paper where it is to hang.

Consider the unexpected.
Use boat hooks or a piece of rope or ribbon to hang your frames.

Shelves, ledges and even crown molding are great ways to display your art and mementos. It’s easy to change out items when they are not permanently attached to the wall, too.

For dimension, consider frame risers. These metal brackets allow you to mount art so that it protrudes out from the wall. With risers, you can layer photos, art and other items.

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