Pillow Forts!


It’s summertime! And as you find yourself stretching to fill up the days with activities, (and as bedtimes might be a little more liberally enforced) it’s the perfect time to teach your kids a little more about classic architecture. Perfect for rainy days and sleepovers, the pillow fort is a staple of childhood creativeness. So, start rearranging the furniture, here’s a fun guide to ensure your family’s pillow fort will be the talk of the playground.

Have a plan (or don’t). When building a pillow fort, you have to walk a fine line between keeping the operation organized and allowing room for spontaneous creative expression. It might be smart to create the base of your fort using large furniture. Couches or dining room chairs are good for creating sturdy cornerstones, but even a sturdy vacuum cleaner could work. (For a quick and easy fort, just drape sheets over an open golf umbrella or two.)

Gather the supplies. Once you’ve got the base of your fort mapped out, it’s time to gather the supplies. Using light sheets instead of blankets for the roof will decrease the likelihood of a collapse, while couch cushions make for great, reinforced walls.  Also, you’ll definitely need some heavy items to use as weights for keeping your walls and roof in place. A stack of books usually does the trick.

Construction begins! Feel free to appoint yourself as site manager while letting the kids make up the construction crew. Oversee that the structure is “built up to code” and solid enough that it won’t come tumbling down in the middle of the night.

Name your fort. Possibly the most important part of this entire operation. Your pillow fort is your home’s unique creation, so let your child give it a unique name!

Enjoy! There’s now a cozy fortress in the middle of your living room. Your kids will want to bring in their favorite movie, book or board games. Maybe they’ll even be kind enough to invite you in. ;)

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