Smart Home Apps Every Homeowner Should Consider


For busy homeowners looking to save time and money, smart home technology is, well, genius. Pardee Homes makes smart technology even more of a no-brainer by teaming with Amazon to deliver Alexa-integrated living into its homes.

Pardee Homes’ HomeSmart™ features help you save energy, stay connected to and in control of your home environment, and make your home more comfortable with less effort, too. Tell Amazon’s Alexa to play music, find a recipe or turn off the TV. Securely monitor who is coming and going through your Ring Video Doorbell Pro and even let guests in while you are away. Through your phone or tablet, use the Honeywell Smart Thermostat to adjust room temperatures. Or, set a little mood lighting using the Leviton® Decora Smart Home app. The Samsung SmartThings Hub brings it all together by enabling your HomeSmart devices to work together for truly seamless smart living.

In addition to HomeSmart options, here are four more home-related apps that every homeowner may want to try.

HomeZada can be your home’s digital personal financial assistant. This multi-featured app lets you do everything from setting reminders to change the A/C filters, to keeping a digital inventory of your home contents and valuables. Email reminders ping you when it’s time to trim the shrubs or remove lint from the dryer exhaust duct, helping to keep your home operating at optimal efficiency. Numerous dashboards track home-related expenses and assess your home inventory’s value to be sure your property insurance is adequate.

Before you start that next landscaping project, take a look at the iScape app. It lets you visualize what your project will look like before you do it. Use its digital library to find flowers, trees, mulch and shrubs. Then place them into your design along with your choice of design elements, from fountains to fire pits. A cutout tool lets you clone and move features as your design evolves.

Happy Plant
Remember your indoor plants, too. This app reminds you to water plants through game-like notifications, plant selfies and time-lapse videos. You can document your plants and even view their growth over time.

Bubble Level
Straighten up photo galleries, mirrors and anything else that needs to be level–all from the convenience of your phone.

If you’re looking for smart home living, our New Home Specialists can tell you more about Pardee Homes’ communities, as well as the available HomeSmart devices and LivingSmart features that interest you the most.

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