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Pick a palette.
Pastels, particularly pink and blue, are traditional colors used in baby nurseries. But today, parents are opting for a range of hues, from bright coral, cool minty green and even crisp black and white. Consider your space. You want it to be soothing, but if you love bold colors, consider using them as fun accents such as in wall décor or a changing table perked up by a coat of cheerful paint. If you choose a softer pastel, consider bringing in a second, sophisticated color that will easily transition, for example, pink and light gray.

Make it healthy.
Check the labels to ensure remodeling or decorating products you buy for your baby’s room are free of certain chemicals. These include formaldehyde, isocyanates (such as in polyurethane), glycols, toxic adhesives and the odorless chemicals that never go away, such as phthalates, flame-retardant chemicals, antimicrobial and pesticide treatments, and stain resistant chemicals.

Choose comfort.
Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in the nursery, add a comfortable chair or daybed. You’ll appreciate the convenience and comfort when nursing or if your baby is ill. It can also be a great surface for folding clothes or where older children can sit and not feel excluded.

Allow easy access.
Keep diapers and other supplies opened and stacked in a basket or drawer near your changing table. This makes it easy to grab just what you need.

Create your own artwork.
For inexpensive and creative art, frame pictures from old children’s books. Pick one of your favorites from your childhood for a nostalgic bent, or fill a large blank wall in a contemporary way with pages that can be interactive for your child.

Stencil a sweet monogram.
Enlarge a monogram of your baby’s initials on the wall for a timeless design in your nursery. This classic touch celebrates your newborn in a personal way and works as your child grows, too.

Consider ambient lighting.
To encourage sweet dreams, add a dimmer switch to soften lighting when feeding your baby or reading a bedtime story. Bonus: this can also help save on the electric bill.

For even more nursery and children’s bedroom design inspiration, visit our Pinterest page.

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