The Hottest Trend in Kitchen Décor: Bold Black


Designed by Bobby Berk | Photographed by Tessa Neustadt

Interior Designer and one of the “Fab Five” from the Netflix series “Queer Eye,” Bobby Berk recently named black kitchens and bathrooms one of his Top 4 Home Trends for 2019. Sound surprising? Black is actually very versatile in home décor. In fact, most designers would tell you that every room should incorporate at least a little bit of black. It helps ground and define the space, and also provides helpful contrast to every color in the rainbow.

Black kitchens are poised to be a lasting trend. Want proof? As our featured designer, Berk made incredible use of black at Vista Santa Fe, a new neighborhood in Pacific Highlands Ranch. Known for his work on the Netflix series “Queer Eye,” Berk says, “Don’t be afraid to use black around your home, especially in the kitchen. Not only is it a timeless color, the classic hue will always help to ground and modernize a space.”

Designed by Bobby Berk | Photographed by Tessa Neustadt

Here are three ways to go bold with black in your kitchen or bath:

  1. Use black as punctuation.
    Black accents are a fantastic way to add rhythm and structure. Consider using black trim or black grout for your floors, backsplash or shower. Think about using black plumbing fixtures or cabinet hardware. And, of course, there are plenty of countertop accessories, storage containers, rugs and curtains to compliment your kitchen design. You can incorporate black as a solid color or as part of a pattern—think stripes, gingham, faux marble, animal prints, toile, etc. The options are endless!
  2. Stake out the middle ground.
    There are lots of ways to take advantage of black’s “wow” power without giving over an entire room. Use chalkboard paint on the pantry door and you have a perfect place for grocery lists, household reminders and more. Or, you could go for black cabinets but treat them as the foundation for your palette, rather than the main event. You can make a room pop with a matte black or glossy tuxedo accent wall.
  3. Go all the way.
    Don’t hesitate—make black the main focal point of the room. In kitchens, that could be cabinets and countertops, backsplash and/or paint colors. With black as the central color in the environment, you’ve got a classic “little black dress” you can build an entire look around.

Berk also reminds us that “finish matters.” He says, “Matte black absorbs light, while glossy finishes bounce it around the room. And did you know that most blacks have either a warm or a cool undertone? Knowing which one you’ve got and which one works best for your space can help you harmonize your entire color story.” To see more of how he used black in one of our homes, head over to his site for the full reveal of the space.

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