An Eco-Friendly Home Office


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Are you working from home today in your pajamas? If so, you may be part of a popular trend in big business that allows employees the flexibility of telecommuting. While the practice has proven to increase productivity for employers and job satisfaction for employees, it has also done great things for the environment.

First, there’s the obvious. Fewer commuters means fewer cars on the road which consequently reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Then, there’s the less obvious. A home office usually uses less energy per employee than a big office park. And there are steps you can take to maximize the efficiency.

How can you make your home office eco-friendly?

  1. Reuse. Create a unique office space with reclaimed, refurbished furniture, shelving and filing cabinets.
  2. Be Bright. Nothing brightens your work space like sunlight, but if you need to turn on a lamp, be sure to install a compact fluorescent light bulb first.
  3. Control Your Climate. Instead of adjusting the thermostat, open a window for fresh air or pull on an extra sweater to warm up.
  4. Buy Greenery. Plants are a natural way to bring color and life to your work space. And they’ll improve your air quality too.
  5. Unplug. Pull the plug on any unused gadgets when you’re not working.
  6. Shred It. Give paperwork a second life by shredding it to use as packing material or garden compost.
  7. Recycle. Most of us are trained to put paper scraps in the blue bin. But don’t forget to recycle your ink cartridges too.
  8. Take a Coffee Break. Pour your morning cup of Joe into a real mug. And repeat often. Forget the paper and Styrofoam. (Note: This principle works with water too!)
  9. Go Solar. Look for solar gadgets that can keep your desk lamp, accent lighting or cell phone charger powered up through the night.
  10. Think Big. Home improvements like dual paned windows, added insulation and roof-integrated solar panels could provide huge savings on utility bills and may be tax deductible.

Think even bigger. Choose a home that’s eco-friendly from the inside out. Pardee Homes has been building green homes since 1998, earning several sustainability awards because of it.

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