The Pardee Way of Frame Walks


Daybreak at Sundance Framewalk | Inland Empire | Pardee Homes

A frame walk is typically an inspection of things like the structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems of a new house under construction. At Pardee Homes, our frame walks on new homes go beyond the traditional frame walk. Every detail is reviewed in depth for more than a year leading up to a frame walk. We perform a pre-walk, final walk and then weekly walks that lead up to the opening of a new neighborhood to make sure the floor plans feel right in the space. When necessary, we make adjustments that will then be made on all future homes in that neighborhood. The most important thing is that our customers love the way their home feels.

We consider every detail, from where the kitchen sink is located in relation to the dishwasher, to how the refrigerator opens in the space. Our kitchen countertops are planned so that the chef of the home has plenty of space for creating unforgettable family dinners. The island is a central part of the kitchen, and we work to make sure the location of the island doesn’t impede how the oven and other appliances open, and that there is enough room for people to move around the island.

Gone are the days of having your washer and dryer in the garage. Pardee Homes laundry rooms are designed for comfort, functionality and convenience. The laundry room demands its own room, and a location near the bedrooms to follow the natural flow of everyday life.

We also review the size and location of each and every window throughout all floor plans to maximize natural sunlight, and to ensure that furniture will fit in the space appropriately. We know great rooms are where the majority of families will spend their time, and every inch of this space is well thought out. Our great rooms are designed for relaxing and creating memories for years to come.

Last, but not least, is lighting location. We make sure every room has the proper amount of lighting, and in all the right spots. Near dining room tables, great room furnishings and stair landings are just a few places where lighting placement is essential. Proper lighting can also help set the mood for dinner parties, homework time, or simply relaxing by the TV in the great room.

Click below for a glimpse of the frame walk our team did at Cascade at Sundance.

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