Tips: Creative Photo Framing


Showcase your art or your family photographs to make a big statement in your home. Just use a little creativity, and your personality will shine through.

The foundation for your photos will be a wall or space of your choosing – from an upward bound staircase wall to that special place in your nursery. Playing with color and different frame combinations is really quite fun, so give yourself some time to play and select what you like best.

Consider the Combinations

A vivid wall (bright blue or other hue) anchored with black and white photos in pristine black or white frames.

Go for an antique look with old-fashioned frames and favorite, nostalgic family shots.

Create your own distinctive frames with items found in your yard or on the beach. For an organic feel, glue grapevines, pebbles or shells on wooden picture frames.

Mix and match different-colored frames and add wooden letters, maps or other pieces that inspire you.

Make the most of your mats
A little creativity will take your photos to a whole new level. Consider covering photo mats with a range of options – newspaper, wallpaper, children’s art, even Christmas wrapping paper. Using a craft knife, trim paper to cover photo mats from your favorite frames. When finished lay the paper on top of the mat and cover with glass.

For a great wedding gift, take a photo of the happy couple and use a map of their honeymoon destination or the city where they met to cover the photo frame mat. Put it together for an instant happy memory.

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