Tips For Making Your Bedroom a Sleep-Optimized Space At Night


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When you want to start the day energized, nothing beats a good night of sleep. In your quest for better rest, a high-quality mattress and pillow is just the beginning. Along with taking a few additional steps during the evening, a thoughtfully designed space so you can truly relax at the end of a long day can make a world of difference. If you’re currently in need of getting higher quality sleep, keep in mind the following tips for making your bedroom a sleep-optimized sanctuary.

Log off 30 minutes before bed.
Stay off your phone, computer and other electronic devices at least 30 minutes prior to sleep. Alternatively, try meditation, reading and other peaceful activities to help prepare your mind for rest. You can also unplug any electronics emitting light even when powered off such as your cable box.

The blue wavelengths emitting from devices like your phone are beneficial to keep your attention and for faster reaction times when viewing. However, it can be jolting if you check your phone in the middle of the night.

Ideally, you should unplug and turn off every device in your bedroom before you drift off to sleep. But that’s not always possible. Fortunately, many devices like the iPhone have the option to shift the display colors of your phone to warmer tones during the evening and night hours to help resolve this issue.

Buy sleep-friendly furnishings.
Speaking of sleep-disturbing light, hang up blackout curtains to keep your bedroom as dark as possible while you sleep. A dim nightlight can help you see in the dark and avoid stubbing your toes.

If you prefer to have a digital alarm clock, you can always add dimming sheets to dim the lights on the clock so you can still see the time in the dark.

Diminish sound.
Are your kids extra early risers, or does your spouse work a different schedule? If you currently awake to them moving around, consider a white noise machine or playing relaxing music in your bedroom.

Wake up at the best time.
Using apps like Sleep Cycle, you can automatically track your sleeping patterns. Sleep Cycle also integrates with your alarm clock so that you wake up during lighter sleeping stages when you’ll more likely feel less groggy.

Look for your sweet spot temperature.
Find out what in-room temperature works best in your bedroom and regulate it. Most people prefer a cooler room while sleeping. HomeSmart™ features in Pardee Homes make it easy to schedule and manage your household’s temperature.

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