Top 6 Packing Tips for Moving


Moving to a new home can be a very exciting time, but with moving comes the dreaded chore: packing. While it might be impossible to escape, these tips can make packing a lot more bearable.

Purge the Past

Moving is the perfect opportunity to lighten your load and make a clean start. Keeping old photo albums and family mementos is a must, but do you really need that cobalt blue velour blazer with the removable shoulder pads? Probably not. So, start filling up some trash bags, and visit a local charity to donate everything you no longer need. You also may want to look into selling items at a garage sale or one of the popular online marketplaces.

Gather Packing Supplies

You’ll need sturdy packing boxes, packing paper, packing tape and a tape dispenser, as well as permanent markers and a dolly or hand cart.

Label Everything

Label boxes on the top and the side, and include the room where the box belongs with a short description of the contents.

Make a List, and Check It Twice

Create a master list of all boxes and their contents. You’ll know right away where to find your favorite pillow or the essential coffee maker. Check off items as you unpack, and keep the list as a household inventory.

Plastic Wrap Is Your Friend

Plastic wrap is a useful tool when it comes to packing. Keep your toiletries from leaking by unscrewing the caps, covering them with plastic wrap and then screwing the caps back on. Wrapping your dresser drawers or other storage bins will make sure that nothing falls out of place during the move. Check out other clever packing tricks here.

First Night Survival Kit

Make sure you pack one box that is specifically for the first night in your new, beautiful home. If the movers haven’t arrived yet, or it’s too late to start unpacking, you’ll want the essentials to get you through the night. In this box, you should have things like a change of clothes for everyone, toilet paper, non-perishable foods, a few toiletries and some games or magazines for a little entertainment — and a lamp with light bulb! Bonus tip: Pack a travel tote for the car with medications, snacks and water, move-related paperwork, phone chargers and some cash.

For even more packing tips, check out our Pinterest board right here.

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