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When it comes to makeup, most of us have our favorite go-tos – gorgeous eye shadow palettes, intense liquid liners or a candy-colored array of luscious lipsticks. However, if your cup, er vanity or bathroom drawers, runneth over with prettifying products and tools, it may be time to apply some easy organizational tips.

Here’s some inspiration to make your beauty arsenal much easier to access:

Kick the clutter. Maybe you’ve “Kondo-ed” your closet, taking to heart the approach of Japanese lifestyle guru, Marie Kondo, who recommends keeping only the things that “spark joy.” Yet, chances are, you still have crushed compacts or mystery moisturizers lurking in that back drawer that need to be tossed. Pull everything out and discard old, expired or unused products.

Sort your treasures. Organize your makeup into everyday staples and special occasion items. Then, sort those by product: eye shadows, mascaras, nail polishes and so on. Keep only items that you love. This makes your everyday routine much smoother and eliminates unnecessary clutter.

Place items where you can see them whenever possible. Displaying everything so that it is in reach and organized by category makes finding the perfect crème blush or that a.m. eye de-puffer far less stressful.

Favorite Storage Solutions:

Vases and jars. For a pretty display, store makeup brushes or lipsticks in empty vases, jars or candle-holders. Or use them for cotton balls, swabs or catchall accessories like bobby pins and hair ties. Bonus tip: Spray paint a mason jar in a glamour gold or glittery color to match your bath for a punch of inspiration in the morning.

Acrylic trays and cups. Look for acrylic trays, holders and stacking drawers, optimal organizers that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These products allow you to easily organize and store makeup, shaving supplies or bath products.

Glass containers filled with coffee beans or rice. Use these to hold makeup brushes upright.

Large candy jars or glass jewelry cases. These are to showcase nail polishes or lipsticks.

Shoe organizers. Use over-the-door hanging shoe holders to corral brushes, styling products and, once cooled, curling and flat irons and hair dryers.

Mirrored or silver trays. These are great for storing perfume, but don’t keep them in direct sunlight.

Multi-tiered platters. Conserve precious counter space by using tiered cake or serving platters to display your products in an attractive way.

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