Kids Can Save Energy, Too


Hybrid cars. Solar panels. Recycling bins. Kids live in a world where ‘green’ has become an important part of our culture. But, it’s never too early to start teaching them how to save energy and protect our planet. Even tots can help. Here are some tips to get started:

Enlist a favorite character. Visit the Kid’s Corner at the San Diego Environmental Services Department, where you can download Dr. Suess’ beloved Horton Activity Book and Tip Sheet with games and puzzles to help kids be more energy efficient.

Make your own cleaning supplies. Toddlers to teens can get into the act when you combine eco-friendly products such as cider vinegar, water or baking soda into non-toxic cleaning products. Give kids a spray bottle and let them see the sparkling results for themselves. Visit Good Housekeeping to learn how.

Hold a recycling contest. Give each child a small container to hold recycling materials. See who can come up with the most cans, plastic and paper each week.

Create a Responsible Jar. Every time a family member leaves on a light, television or gaming system when they leave a room or if they stand in front of the refrigerator with the door open, they have to contribute a designated amount to the Responsible Jar. At the end of the month, donate the funds to a favorite environmental cause or pet shelter.

Start the Shorter Shower game. Instead of baths, have kids take showers. If your kids already shower, try to cut the time in half. Set a funny timer like an egg timer. By cutting shower time in half, kids can save up to 33% of the water that they would have otherwise used. Make a list of who needs that water – our trees, plants, dolphins and world.

Plant a tree. Earth Day is April 22. Consider planting a tree or shrub with your kids in honor of the day to recognize our planet.

Grow a garden. Teach kids the benefits of growing and gathering food close to home without pesticides. Consider favorites like strawberries or even watermelons. Many fruits and veggies can be grown in planters on the porch if backyard space is not an option.

Make Your Child a Star. An Energy Star, that is! Visit the Energy Star Kid’s site and you’ll discover lots of fun and interesting ways for children to learn how they can make a difference.

Choose green every day.

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