Your Landscaping Says A Lot


Your home–and your landscaping–say something about the type of person you are. Are you structured or free spirited? Traditional or modern?

Regardless of personal style, there’s one thing every Southern California yard should say about its homeowner. You care about the environment. And one of the best ways to say that is by planting native vegetation.

Native landscaping can bring year-round color and beauty to any yard. It offers a host of other benefits too:
•    Drought-Tolerant. If planted in proper lighting and soil, native plants should thrive with little or no watering. Just be sure to group plants that have similar watering needs.
•    Natural Balance. Native plants attract birds, butterflies, lizards and insects to your garden, naturally restoring the ecological balance that helps keep unwanted pests in check.
•    Low Maintenance. Because they are naturally suited to the climate, native plants are generally self-sufficient, needing little care once established.

Native plants also say something about the place you live. And in Southern California, that’s a desert. According to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, choosing native vegetation, instead of palm trees and grass lawns, can revive the look, the feel, the smell and sound of our original landscape.

Now that’s a voice worth hearing and preserving.

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