Your Pardee Home: The Perfect Place to Host a Party


Why wait for a birthday, anniversary or the next big holiday to host a get-together? A Pardee home is the perfect party backdrop for enjoying time with your friends in beautiful surroundings. Looking for inspiration for your next bash?

Hook a Theme
A theme makes the planning easier, and adds energy to the party. Why not host a gourmet baked potato bar in honor of National Potato Day in August, for example? This no-fuss menu also gets the guests involved. Bake a variety of potatoes just before the party, set out bowls of fixings—or ask guests to bring a surprise topping to share—and turn your kitchen island into a serve-yourself extravaganza.

Or, take it outside around the grill to celebrate upcoming National Hamburger Month in May. Your outdoor living space is an easy, but lovely setting for enjoying a stunning evening under the stars.

In the mood for a fancy soirée? Treat your friends to an upscale wine and cheese patio party and invite a local sommelier to lead a private wine tasting for your group. Turn your patio into your own wine bar with seating areas grouped around tables filled with cheese trays. You can even amp up the ambience with twinkle lighting, candles and soft music on your own custom playlist.

Dress it Up
The tablescape is often the center of décor and can add that “wow” factor to the room. It also sets the tone for the party. Are you going for a formal, dressed-up look? Or a casual, laid-back gathering? Your tablescape can establish those vibes. Then, consider carrying that look to other areas of your home. For example, if your display is a mix of flowers and greenery spread down the center of your dining table, fill small vases with the same flowers for the bathrooms. If yours is a formal, sit-down dinner, set the table early and even create place cards for your guests. Light candles about 20 minutes before your party, and use your EnergySmart™ settings to dim lighting and adjust temperatures as people arrive.

Incorporate the Kitchen
No matter how formal or informal a dinner is, it seems the kitchen is inevitably the gathering place, so put your kitchen countertops and island to work. Place a tray of glasses and a selection of wines on the island for easy access. Set appetizers out on the countertops to entice guests to move around the kitchen. If the party is a casual, family-style meal, organize the dinnerware and food on the countertops to create a logical flow.

Involve Your Guests
Planning a party and preparing the menu can be time consuming, no doubt. So why not invite guests to participate by bringing a bottle or nibble to share. Think “A Toast to Summer Solstice” party with guests bringing bubbly, while you provide the meal. Or, host an “Everything on a Stick” party, where your grilled shish kabobs are joined by all manner of on-a-stick ideas from your guests. Having everyone involved spreads the workload, but more importantly, makes for great conversation and engagement.

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