30 Years: CHF Hall of Fame

Innovation. Public service. And philanthropy. Thirty years ago, the California Homebuilding Foundation (then known as the California Builder Industry Foundation) set out to honor leaders in the industry who not only constructed homes, but enriched lives. Their very first Hall of Fame class in 1985 included three California brothers raised in the Great Depression with memories of losing their own home.

With their own personal experience of hardship, George Pardee, Jr., Hoyt Pardee and Doug Pardee, founded and built Pardee Homes with the goal of making the American dream accessible. From the beginning, they followed simple, but uncompromising values – like “do the right thing,” and “deal with the truth – no matter what.”

Today, the company has constructed thousands of quality homes in the Western U.S. and built an enduring legacy 93 years strong. In subsequent years, Pardee Homes leaders, David Landon, Vance Meyer and Mike McGee were recognized with the prestigious California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame award. With six honorees, Pardee Homes counts more individuals in the Hall of Fame than any other builder.

With our new video, we’re pleased to recognize the 30th anniversary of the California Homebuilding Foundation and our six company leaders who began and continued this legacy, wholeheartedly dedicating themselves to the Pardee Homes values.

In the nine decades since its beginning, the Pardees and company leaders navigated many challenges, including serious economic downturns, regulatory red tape or a severe shortage of building materials. Yet, their overriding goal was to build homes for the way families want to live, following their unwavering family values every step of the way.

Now nearing a century mark, the company has forever changed the lives of families along the West Coast in California and its neighboring state of Nevada.

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