New Year, New You


‘Tis the season for clean slates. The holidays may have involved an indulgence or two (or ten!), but the New Year is a perfect time for a healthier approach. Make a plan, set realistic goals and you’ll reap the health benefits well into 2016 and beyond.

For 2016, try these 16 do’s and don’ts of a successful fitness plan.


✓ Talk to your doc. Get a thumbs up from your health care provider before beginning a fitness program.

✓ Get started. Start slowly. It’s important that you just get moving. Identify two to three optimum days a week to exercise, and stick to them.

✓ Make it fun. Pick an exercise that you will enjoy. Walk with a neighbor and stream yoga sessions, or channel your inner Rocky and sign up for boxing lessons.

✓ Designate a home workout areaYou can get started anytime it’s convenient with your own free weights, resistance bands, kettle bells or yoga mat. Bonus: It may be easier to stick to a regular routine to reach your fitness goals.

✓ Bring a friend. Begin your new fitness journey with a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member. Embracing the buddy system increases your chance for success and the potential for more fun. Inspire and help each other through the inevitable challenges.

✓ Amp up your apps. Want to complete a 5K or learn Zumba? There are hundreds of apps to fit every fitness level and interest, including the 49 Best Fitness Apps of 2015.

✓ Reward yourself. When you reach fitness milestones, buy yourself new workout gear or cool headphones, or plan a fun event with your fitness buds.


✗ Get stuck in a boring routine. Diversify your routine to keep exercise challenging and fun.

✗ Overdo it. Your body needs time to adjust to new activity. Gradually increase workout intensity as you get stronger.

✗ Skip stretching. Hold stretches for 10-15 seconds, and make sure you’ve warmed up first.

✗ Skimp on sleep. Don’t let drowsiness be an excuse to skip a workout. Plus, you’ll need plenty of energy to maintain focus on your workout!

✗ Set unrealistic goals. You’re much more likely to commit to a healthier lifestyle if you exercise two to three times a week, say walking for 15 minutes each time. Jumping all in too fast or for too many days can mean injuries and failure.

✗ Compare yourself to others. It’s pretty difficult to nab Jennifer Aniston abs or David Beckham biceps, but there are a lot of positive benefits to working out. Be glad you are living healthier and getting stronger.

✗ Allow negativity. Concentrate on what you can do and the fact that you have started a program. Replace negative thoughts with affirmations: “I’m getting stronger every day,” “It feels great to move” or “I love how I feel after I finish a workout!”

✗ Give up! Slow and steady wins the race.

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