Fun Thanksgiving Quiz


Family. Friends. Health. At Pardee Homes, we’re thankful for these and many more. We’re especially thankful for our extended family of friends, customers and team members, and we’d like to wish all of you a very happy holiday and many more blessings in the coming year.

As family gathers and the turkey bakes, we leave you with a fun quiz to add to the festivities. See how many answers Uncle Gus and Cousin Julie can get!

1. Can turkeys fly?
Well, sort of. Domesticated turkeys can’t fly and usually amble along at a slow walk. On the other hand, wild turkeys are much smaller and more agile. They promenade along the ground at 20-25 mph and can fly for short distances, approaching 50-55 mph.

2. What kind of pie did the Pilgrims serve?
Unfortunately, there was no pie. Or cakes or other sweets at the first Thanksgiving. After a long hard winter, the Pilgrims’ supply of sugar and other goods was depleted.

3. What was on the menu at the first Thanksgiving?
The fledgling feast featured wild fowl, venison, swan, lobster and corn.

4. What state grows the most pumpkins?
Illinois. Followed by California, Pennsylvania and New York.

5. What ballroom dance is named after a famous Thanksgiving icon?
The turkey trot.

6. Which president declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday to be celebrated in November each year?
President Abraham Lincoln in 1863.

7. What department store sponsored the first Thanksgiving parade?
That distinction belongs to the Philadelphia department store, Gimbel’s, which sponsored a parade in 1920. Macy’s launched its parade four years later, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City has grown to an extravaganza featuring giant balloons, floats, Broadway performers and the world-famous Rockettes.

8. Name three towns in the U.S. named after the traditional Thanksgiving bird.
Turkey, TX (pop. 465)
Turkey Creek, LA (pop. 363)
Turkey, NC (pop. 270)

9. When was the first football game played on Thanksgiving?
The first NFL game held on Thanksgiving Day was in 1934. The Detroit Lions hosted the Chicago Bears in Detroit in front of 26,000 fans. Fans watched on TV for the first time in 1956. Prior to the NFL game, the first collegiate game dates way back. The American Intercollegiate Football Association held its first championship game on Thanksgiving Day in 1876.

10. What founding father lobbied for the turkey to be the national bird of the United States?
Benjamin Franklin. He said the turkey was “a true original Native of America” and “though a little vain and silly, a Bird of Courage.”

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Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us at Pardee Homes