Making New Neighbors Feel Welcome


There was a time when greeting the new neighbors was an art form. Dinner parties, welcoming committees and fruit baskets were standard new neighbor fare. But not to fear! Those days aren’t necessarily behind us. With a little bit of initiative, you can help make your new neighbors feel welcome and at home. Here are a few ideas to help get them settled:

Introduce yourself. It’s your responsibility as the seasoned neighborhood veteran to initiate introductions. And finding the right time to introduce yourself doesn’t have to be too complicated. Just do it! It’s always better sooner than later. The more times you see each other without introducing yourself, the harder it becomes to say something. Just make sure you are always respecting their privacy.

Open invitation. One of the best ways to introduce someone to the neighborhood is to invite them to things! Whether it’s a book club, backyard barbecue or Bunco night, inviting your new neighbors to neighborhood events will show them you want their family to be a part of the community.

Party! What better way to get to know the neighborhood than with a party? You can offer to host a welcoming party for the new family on the block. You don’t have to worry about making it too fancy though. A weekend barbecue or a get together at the neighborhood pool can serve as great excuses to get face time with new neighbors.

Care package. The first few weeks of moving into a new home can be a tad chaotic. Stopping by to deliver a care package of treats, premade dinners and local restaurant menus is a thoughtful way to make a new neighbor feel welcome. If you find yourself baking muffins for your own family, just double up the recipe and bring the extras to your new neighbors. But, make sure you are sensitive to allergies.

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