Move in Before the Holidays!


There’s no place like home during the holiday season. And if you act quickly, you may be able to get into one of our beautiful and stylish move-in ready homes — just in time!

Fixed-rate loans are still low.
Interest rates have risen slightly since a historic low of 3.35% at the end of 2012, but today’s rates are still very attractive for prospective homeowners.

It may be cheaper to buy a new home than rent.
Renters face rising costs each year, but with the current market and interest rates, it’s worth exploring the benefits of home ownership. You can ask a New Home Specialist for the specifics on the homes you’re interested in, but you may be able to buy a home and end up paying the same or less each month – and you can ditch the rental treadmill and enjoy the satisfaction of owning your own home.

Celebrate the holidays in your new home.
In most cases, it takes 30-45 days to close on a new home once your offer has been accepted. Of course, if you’re pre-qualified for financing, that makes the process go even smoother. Find your dream home now, and you could be hosting this year’s holiday festivities in your new Pardee home.

Limited Number of Move-in Ready Homes Available
Ask our New Home Specialists today which one of these Pardee homes can have you making memories in your new home for the holidays!

If you’re looking in the Inland Empire or Las Vegas, be sure to check out our Smart-Move event by Oct. 20.

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