Pardee Homes Ranked #1


Number One. That’s a position every company covets – especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Not surprisingly, homebuyers have recently rated Pardee Homes’ Inland Empire Division number one in the nationwide Eliant Report’s Key Measurement Scores for Move-in Satisfaction for three consecutive months.

To earn a top ranking, you need a quality product. World-class customer service helps too. But it takes more than that. The inner workings of a company, the processes invisible to most customers, are just as critical to achieving success and maintaining consistency.

Ask Pardee Homes. We routinely invite homebuyers behind the scenes. When you buy a Pardee home, you’ll be able to tour your home under construction and you’ll have direct access to the entire Pardee Homes team. We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase—before, during and after.

In addition to the regional results that put Pardee Homes at number one for Move-in Key Measure Scores, Pardee also received the following 2011 Eliant Homebuyer Choice Awards (based on 2010 survey results) in the Nationwide Large Builder Category: Design Selection Experience (second place); Customer Service Experience (third place); Overall First Year Quality (Honorable Mention); Highest Percent of Sales from Referrals (Honorable Mention and First Place for San Diego Region). In 2009 and 2010, the Southern Nevada Division of Pardee Homes received the highest J.D. Power and Associates rankings for customer satisfaction and new home quality.

These honors, and others like them, reflect Pardee Homes’ company-wide reputation for and commitment to customer satisfaction. The high scores also demonstrate a focus on internal processes in areas such as Sales, Options, Flooring, Construction, Closing and Escrow. Feedback in each of these areas of operations is significant because it provides a road map for continued success and improvement.

The score we watch most closely? More than 9 out of 10 Pardee homeowners would recommend us to a family member or friend. Read some of their stories.

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