Top Tips for a Tiptop Move


No doubt about it, whether you’re relocating cross-country or across town, the moving process can be stressful. Yet, a little organization and planning can go a long way into making the transition much smoother. Grab your packing tape and bubble wrap and get started!

Plan a no surprises system.

Before you pack a single box, create a record-keeping system. You’ll thank us later! Use your smartphone or a spiral notebook to create an inventory. Put a number on every single box, and note the number and contents on your electronic or written list.

Bubble wrap is your friend.

You’ll need lots of supplies – boxes, bins, bubble wrap and binding tape. Gather a plentiful supply before Moving Day. To calculate how many boxes you might need, check out this handy guide.

Go green.

Green your move by using reusable plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes and linens instead of paper or bubble wrap.

Labels matter.

Be sure to label all boxes with a number and specific description. For example, write “wine glasses,” rather than “misc. kitchen.” Label all sides of the box, not just the top. That way, if boxes are stacked upon arrival, you can find what you need.

Say hello to luggage.

Use your luggage for carting items such as clothing, towels, sheets or paper goods. Or pack a suitcase like you were going on vacation. You’ll have essentials on hand for a day or two without having to find specific boxes.

Pack boxes wisely.

Put books in smaller boxes as the weight adds up and lighter items like pillows in bigger boxes. In other boxes, put heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top. Use all the space in a box. If you have room at the top, fill with bedding, pillows, clothing or other flexible items.

Protect your paper trail.

Keep your important papers with you! These include documents like birth certificates, insurance policies, school records, mover information and utility hook-up receipts.

Add a personal touch.

If you have children, allow them to pack a personal box. Use a different brightly-colored tote boxes or plastic bins for each child. Let them fill them with favorite blankets, toys, bedding, nightlights or other special items. Carry it in your personal vehicle rather than placing it on the moving truck.

Find a pet sitter.

If you are moving within the same community or city, reduce the stress on your pet. Arrange for them to stay somewhere during moving day. If you’re moving long distance, arrange for safe habitation until you are ready to transport Fluffy or Butch.

Be kind to your movers.

Summer is the most popular moving season. Have snacks and water available for the moving crew. Everyone will appreciate a drink or refreshment, particularly on warmer days.

Don’t forget essentials.

Pack a box of essentials you’ll need for your new home – medications, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toilet paper and garbage bags. Transport it yourself or place it on the moving truck last so that it is easily accessible when you arrive at your destination.

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