Budgeting? There’s An App For That!


Moving into a new home is a natural time to get all of your finances in order. Streamlining the budgeting process with an app may make the process more bearable — and just maybe a little fun. If you’re ready to sharpen your budgeting skills and take control of your finances, then these applications might be a good place to start. Of course, you’ll want to do your own research into any app you use. 


This app focuses on your entire budgeting system. You can manually enter your income and expenses, or connect your bank accounts directly. HomeBudget allows you to keep track of your balance, set bill reminders and search for past activity. You can also sync the app with other devices so multiple people can view the budget simultaneously.


Based on the concept of envelope budgeting on your phone, Mvelopes allows you to add your bank account and then allot yourself a certain amount of money for each of your expenses, such as savings, eating out and utility bills. The app then automates the process, and you can just keep spending until your envelopes are empty.


Once you sync your bank account to this app, it categorizes all of your expenses automatically, keeping track of how much you have left to spend for each month. Mint will even calculate your net worth and give you a free credit score rating.


This app is solely focused on building your capital and growing your savings for specific goals. It follows an “If This, Then That” rule format, allowing you to save money from your everyday activities. For example, for every purchase you make at the coffee shop, a few extra dollars are automatically transferred into a savings account earmarked for a fun family vacation. With Qapital, saving money becomes an automatic, everyday event.

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