Summertime: Saving Water

Today, homeowners are taking big steps to save a precious natural resource – and money – by conserving water. Past summer droughts have led to water bill sticker shock — and the realization that the precious drops are not unlimited.

Spring and summer are prime time for planting gardens and primping lawns, but water conservation should happen all year long. Try these ideas indoors and out.

Outside lawn care

Think native oasis. Consider replacing thirsty, water-sucking “turf” lawns with beautiful native and drought-resistant plants. It can cost a little more installing an attractive desert or native landscape design, but the cost can be recaptured over time in water savings and lower maintenance. Of course you’ll want to consider any local ordinances when making your selections.

Group ‘em. Pick native plants suited to your climate, and group them with other plants that have similar watering needs.

Time it. Water lawns only after the top inch of the soil is dry.

Little changes add up. Adjust your sprinklers to prevent overspray and run-off.

Heave the hose. Instead, install a water-efficient drip irrigation system to get water to plant roots more efficiently.

Think smart. Upgrade to a “smart irrigation controller” that automatically adjusts watering times for hotter and cooler weather and shuts down when it rains.

Layers matter. Add two to three inches of mulch (gravel, bark or even recycled rubber tires) around trees and plants to minimize water evaporation.

More outside water conservation ideas

Clean sweep. Sweep sidewalks and driveways instead of hosing them off.

Don’t leave the hose running while washing your car. Get a self-closing nozzle to make it easier. Or, use a commercial car wash that recycles its water.

Use covers on pools and spas to reduce evaporation.
Fill the bathtub half full.
Run the dishwasher and washing machine only when full.
Turn off water when brushing teeth.
Shorten showers.
Fix leaky toilets and faucets.
Replace older, inefficient water heaters, appliances and toilets.

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