Overcoming Credit Obstacles


We are so excited to share this story! One of the first families to enter Pardee Homes’ HomewardBound program is now happily settled into their own, two-story, four bedroom home with the frustrations of earlier attempts at buying a home now a dim memory.

Gary and Nicole Spear graciously agreed to share their success story in hopes that it is helpful to other families trying to get into their own home.

Gary and Nicole started their journey with us as unsure, doubtful home shoppers who had experienced frustration and disappointment dealing with home sellers and credit repair companies who were unable to help them. “We had given up before coming to the HomewardBound program,” said Nicole.

“We came to Pardee after working with people who did not really want to help us, but Pardee helped us overcome the obstacles to buying a new home by giving us the information we needed to improve our credit. Their team of caring and attentive sales people and lenders were amazing, working hand in hand to make the process quick and easy. We followed their instructions and after the second month we were ready to move forward because our credit rating had improved significantly,” Nicole added.

The Spear’s credit rating improved more than 40 points after working with Pardee, enabling them to qualify to purchase a home at LivingSmart® Homes in Lake Elsinore. If you don’t think you can qualify, let’s talk.

“If someone else out there is looking for a home I would definitely refer them to Pardee Homes,” said Spear. “The Homeward Bound program is amazing, and so is our new home.”

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