Get your Garage Sale On

Garage sale. Rummage sale. Yard sale. By any name, great garage sales take a little planning. But spring is the perfect time to corral the clutter — and turn your unwanted items into some cold, hard cash. It’s easy! Just follow a few tips to make your event smooth sale-ing.

Timing is everything. Most garage sales are held on the weekend when people have time to browse. Consider timing yours right after the first of the month since many people get paid then. Start the garage sale early to catch the serious shoppers.

Consider inviting a friend or neighbor. You’ll have more items to entice shoppers and someone else to help assist customers with garage sale pricing.

Get the word out. Put up fliers at local stores, churches and other popular locations. Place signs in your neighborhood if local ordinances allow. And, take advantage of social media – post your sale and hours on Facebook, Twitter and/or, one of the largest garage sale listing sites.

Price right. People are looking for deals at garage sales, and some will expect you to bargain. Be flexible in your pricing. If it’s early and you’re not ready to come down, stand firm on your price but say you may come down later in the day if the item is not sold. If you have larger items to sell, you can get comparable costs on Craigslist or eBay. Also, price your items so they are easy to total – increments such as .25, .50 and $1 work well.

Change it up. A good rule is for change is to start with $50 in ones and $20 in quarters, plus a few each of bigger bills, fives, tens and twenties. Also, have on hand a calculator and extra labels. It goes without saying to have a secure place for your money. Consider a fanny pack or apron with pockets that you wear instead of a change box.

Put some effort into your display. Your items will sell better if you make it easy and arrange them to look as attractive as possible. Set up tables so customers can browse easily. Place some of your more interesting items at the end of the driveway to attract attention and shoppers. Group like items together and hang clothes if possible. Clean your items and consider inserting used batteries if needed. A true turn-off? Messy boxes or piles of dirty, unorganized, cobwebbed junk!

Make some brownie points. If you have fragile items like glasses, vases or dishes, consider having newspaper and wrap up the items for shoppers when they leave.

Thirst-quencher. If the day is warm, ice down sodas and bottles of water. Sweltering shoppers will happily pay .50 or $1 for a cool drink.

It’s in the bag. Save your shopping bags (and have your friends and family do so, too!) in the weeks prior to your garage sale. Give everyone who walks up a bag. Research shows that when consumers are given a basket, bag or cart when they enter a store, they tend to buy more items! Make it work for your garage sale. Bonus: at the end of the sale, offer a special, such as a filled bag for a set price just to get rid of your stuff.

Plug it in. If you are selling electrical appliances, have an electrical outlet and extension cord handy so buyers can see that the item works.

Safety first. Never allow strangers inside your home, even if they ask to try on clothes or need a restroom.

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