Looks Like the Market is Back

Home Sweet Home - Looks Like the Market is BackIf you want to own your own home, it’s time for us to talk. Americans bought new homes in September at the fastest pace since April 2010, when sales were boosted by a tax credit for first-time homebuyers—a sign the industry is bouncing back according to Bloomberg.com. Housing starts in September jumped 15 percent to the fastest pace since July 2008.

What’s it mean for homebuyers?
Here’s how CNN Money puts it: “Mortgage rates are near record lows, … The low rates, coupled with years of weak homes sales, have resulted in affordable housing prices. Recently, home prices have started to rise, which is attracting buyers who were waiting for prices to bottom out.”

Low rates, affordable home prices that are now starting to rise, and in the case of Pardee’s green-built homes, energy efficiencies that can save you money on your utility bills, are all reasons to look at making the move to a new home now.
Home Sweet Home - Looks Like the Market is Back
Smart Solutions
Tough economic times can create unresolved credit issues. Our HomewardBound program often can help homebuyers enhance or repair their credit so they can get into a new home.

Haven’t been able to get into a new home because of your current home?  When you buy a new Pardee home, you don’t have to wait to sell your current home before you buy the one you really want. When you buy a new Pardee home, Smart Move Advantage®, an independent company, will rent your existing home for up to three years!

Wondering Where to Start?

Our New Home Specialists can help you find the neighborhood that’s right for you.

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