Moving Tips to Reduce Stress

Buying a new home is exciting. Moving into it is hard work. With advance planning and good organization, you can make your move less stressful. And in short order, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your beautiful new home. Hopefully, a home built by Pardee Homes!

Start Early. It’s never too soon to begin sorting household goods and eliminating clutter. According to PODS moving company, 8 weeks before moving day is the right time to obtain estimates from movers and to contact painters and other professionals who can help make your home move-in ready.

Get Organized. Real Simple suggests creating a “move file” to help you keep track of quotes, receipts and other critical information related to your move. Also, be sure to gather and designate a safe place for medical, dental, veterinary and school records, legal and financial documents, birth certificates and insurance documents.
Focus on Financials. You’ll want to get all your financial ducks in a row long before moving day. Consider whether you need to open a bank account in your new community. Order checks? Track moving expenses for possible tax deductions? Better Homes and Gardens recommends checking your homeowner’s insurance to see whether your belongings are covered during transit. Also, does your insurance cover belongings during transit? Should you have your valuables appraised? Also, just prior to moving, you’ll want to take out adequate cash and notify your credit card company to expect unusual charges.

Say Goodbye to the Old. PODS recommends holding your moving sale 3 weeks before moving day. This is also a good time to cancel newspaper delivery, change the address to your current magazine subscriptions, return library books and, if you haven’t already, schedule to disconnect your utility services.

Welcome the New. Three to 4 weeks before moving day is also a good time to schedule connection of utility services at your new home and to notify the post office of your address change. You’ll also want to contact your school district to verify school assignments for your children.

Think Safety First. As your move-in date approaches, be sure to locate the nearest emergency facilities, including a hospital, veterinarian, police station and fire station. Also, compile a first-aid kit with materials and instructions for emergency situations and purchase a general purpose fire extinguisher for each floor, plus one kitchen extinguisher for grease fires.

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