Down the Aisle to Down Payment

Salad forks and fine china are lovely wedding gifts, but many times, today’s engaged couples already have a pepper mill, margarita glasses or other household items. So, they’re foregoing traditional gift registries for options that provide what they’d really like to have – some green in their wallets. According to wedding website The Knot, it’s perfectly okay to ask for cash toward a dream home, a trip of a lifetime, educational fund or even charitable contributions.

For newlyweds looking to purchase a new home (and come up with a hefty down payment), cash gift registries can be a great way to get started. Research your options as some sites charge user fees. These cover credit card processing and administrative fees. These generally range from seven to 10 percent but still can be less than shipping and taxes on an in-store gift. If you would like to give guests the opportunity to make a financial contribution through an online registry, here are eight options we found:

Create a registry here with specific templates to show guests how you will use their financial gifts. Click on “Saving for a Down Payment.”
Allows you to register from any store on the web and sync your registries for one big electronic version from all your favorite stores. Or provides a cash option so you can gracefully ask for contributions for a future home down payment.

Deposit a Gift
This registry takes credit card payments from the U.S. and many other countries. The service fee can be absorbed by the giver or the recipient.

Create a customized wedding website here, link to a wedding registry and manage wedding details in one place.

Our Wishing Well
The idea here, of course, is to contribute to a couple’s “wishing well.” Duos can request cash donations toward a new home or traditional gift.

Wedding Republic
On this site, guests can buy puzzle pieces with amounts assigned by the bride or groom, for example, a $250 puzzle piece to help toward a home down payment.

Guests can select a lovely card and an amount of tender to send to wedding couples registered on this site.

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