Green Homes Reduce Risk!


LivingSmart Homes at Fair Oaks Ranch is certified to the Gold level of the National Green Building Standard.

Homebuyers have been flocking to Pardee Homes to buy energy-efficient new homes for years. They’ve known instinctually that buying green would be as good for them as it is for the environment. A recent study – showing that homeowners of energy-efficient homes are less likely to default on their mortgage – proves them right. Again.Energy Efficiency Goes Up, Default Rates Go Down.
Default risks are on average 32 percent lower in energy-efficient homes. This startling and significant statistic was the key finding in a study released March 2013, by researchers from The University of North Carolina.

The report, Home Energy Efficiency and Mortgage Risks, looked at a national sample of about 71,000 ENERGY STAR®- and non-ENERGY STAR-rated single-family home mortgages and controlled for loan, household and neighborhood characteristics. Researchers postulated that energy-efficient homes leave homeowners more money to make their mortgage payment. The findings not only support this theory with empirical data but also suggest that the higher the energy efficiency of a home, the less likely the homeowner is to default.

Green Homes Provide Better Overall Value.
Buying an energy-efficient new home is a sound, long-term investment decision. Both common sense and objective data prove it. A green home is a better built home, incorporating higher-rated technologies, eco-sensitive materials and the latest and most durable systems available. Everything that goes into an energy-efficient home is designed to make upkeep more affordable by lowering utility costs.

Pardee Homes, a Leader in Green Homebuilding.
Since 1998, Pardee Homes has built more than 12,747 new homes that exceed energy code levels. Our LivingSmart® program is a comprehensive approach to responsible development and high-performing homes and provides better overall value for our homeowners.

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