Tips to Reduce Your Utility Bills


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If your utility bills are higher than you’d like them to be, then it’s time to review your energy usage and see what changes you can make. You might be surprised how much is actually in your control. Here are some easy tips and tricks that can help lower your monthly utility expenses, and leave you with more of your budget to do the things you want to do.

Run appliances during Off-Peak hours.
Southern California Edison began transitioning residents to Time-of-Use rate plans in early 2018. Time-of-Use rate plans mean that if you use less energy during On-Peak periods or if most of your energy use is during Super Off-Peak or Off-Peak periods, then you pay a lower price. Off-Peak hours are early weekday mornings and late evenings throughout the year, with early afternoons in the winter. If you can time your appliance usage—running the dishwasher, doing a load of laundry, charging your devices—for early mornings or late evenings, then you help reduce your utility bill. Most utility companies across the country, including those in Nevada, are beginning to switch to this Time-of-Use method in the interest of saving you money, as well as cutting back on our energy sources.

Turning off appliances when not in use.
Did you know that appliances still use energy when turned “off”? If you leave your coffee maker, toaster, chargers and other devices plugged in when not in use, they will still use a fair amount of energy and increase your utility bill. Want to know the exact number? Run your own experiment. Note how much your electricity bill is for the month with all of your appliances plugged in and turned “off” when not in use. The following month, unplug all of your devices when not in use and see how much lower your bill is. Just as you turn off the light when you leave a room, unplug your devices and see the difference in your bill, especially during your vacations.

Check the filters.
Dirty air and clogged dryer filters force your appliances to use more energy. Changing these filters on a regular basis help your appliances run more easily and use less energy. Clean out your lint screen after every load in the dryer and change out your HVAC filters every two to six months depending on your household.

Water in the early morning.
The best way to conserve water is to select drought tolerant landscaping, as featured in select Pardee Home communities. If you don’t have drought tolerant landscaping, turn on your sprinklers when the sun and temperatures are low—between five and ten in the morning—to avoid water loss due to evaporation. A drip irrigation system can increase efficiency even further by applying water directly to the roots of your plants, rather than the tops.

Clean your appliances.
When dust, pet hair and grime collect around and underneath your refrigerator, it has to work harder to stay cold. Cleaning the coils and drip pan every few months can prevent this buildup and allow your refrigerator to run more efficiently.

Shorten your showers.
The average shower in California is eleven minutes long and uses twenty-seven and a half gallons of water per shower. If everyone cut their shower time to five minutes, California would save 5,475 gallons of water per person, per year. Take shorter showers and reduce your water bill by setting a five-minute timer or playing a five-minute song.

Go smarter on your lights.
Change out any incandescent light bulbs in your home to more efficient LEDs. If you have dimmer switches, you can adjust your lighting to be lower when there’s sun streaming through the windows, or when you’re settling down in the evening.

Double check your water heater.
The default setting for most water heaters is 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, The Department of Energy recommends turning the temperature down to 120 degrees to reduce scalding and lower your bill. Review your water heater owner’s manual and consider dialing the temperature down to save.

Manage your appliances from anywhere.
Pardee homes feature HomeSmart® technology, designed to help you stay comfortable while saving energy. With smart thermostats, you can control the temperature in your home from your smartphone. Want to cool your house down before you get home? Use your smartphone to adjust the temperature so your home is cool when you arrive. You can also turn off the air when you aren’t home to save energy and money on your utility bill. Smart lighting controls allow you to change your lighting with a voice command while at home or remotely from your smartphone. Turn on your porch light before you get home or turn off your lights after you’ve left. With HomeSmart technology, you can adjust many features while you’re in or out of the house, providing you with secure and seamless living.

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