Maybe You Don’t Need to Wait!


You read that right. When you buy a new Pardee home, Smart Move Advantage® will rent your existing home for up to three years! So if you’re ready to move into the home you really want now, you may not have to wait to sell your current home.

Smart Move Advantage will handle rents, utilities and maintenance as well as tenant repairs up to $1,000 per year. And you can move into your new Pardee home.

If you want to learn more about how this exciting program works, start here. Or connect with a New Home Specialist to take the next step forward in living the way you really want to live.

Inland Empire 951-298-9675
San Diego 619-727-6105
Las Vegas 702-337-2753
Los Angeles/Ventura 661-713-1996

*This program is offered through Smart Move Advantage®, an independent company, exclusively for Pardee homebuyers. Conditions apply. In most cases, buyer must qualify for mortgage payments on both homes.