A Hero’s Welcome to Senterra


Henry E. Felton and granddaughter Jamie Truett at Senterra by Pardee Homes.

Pardee Homes extends a warm welcome to Henry E. Felton who will be moving in with his granddaughter, Jamie Truett, and her young family in Senterra at Canyon Hills in Lake Elsinore. A 94-year-old veteran of three wars, Henry has a distinguished 30-year record of service to our country, from the shores of Iwo Jima through his time in Vietnam. We are honored to have him join our community.

As only one of just a few surviving veterans of three wars, Henry has a lot to be proud of. His granddaughter, Jamie is devoted to her grandfather, who received numerous commendations, including a Citation from the President of the United States and Secretary of the Navy for extraordinary heroism at Iwo Jima in World War II. Henry’s 30-year United States Marine Corps career also took him to Korea and Vietnam. Jamie’s devotion is evident in her desire to make his life easier by bringing him to live with her young family in a new home at Pardee Homes’ Senterra in Lake Elsinore. For Jamie, one of the best features at Senterra was the GenSmart Suite®.

Jamie began advocating for her grandfather on a regular basis about 18 months ago by constantly checking in on him at a nearby senior care facility, and then cared for him full time after a recent hospital stay. “I wanted to get him out of his current situation and into our home but was anxious about finding the right solution,” said Jamie. “I knew he needed family around so we considered expanding our home in Menifee until we discovered Senterra. The idea of owning a home with a GenSmart Suite with its own entrance and spaces for living, sleeping and eating was the perfect solution. At 94, Henry needs a little assistance with everyday life. With the GenSmart Suite, he will have his own quiet space, away from the hustle and bustle of my active young children, yet he is just steps away. My ultimate goal is to make him happy and at home and our new home is just what we wanted and needed.”

Henry has many historic stories from his military career and generously shares them with visitors, including one about the odds he overcame after exposure to Agent Orange during time served in Vietnam. “I was told I’d be in a wheelchair the rest of my life and then told I wouldn’t live past September when I retired in August 1970. Now I can’t wait to get settled into our new home.”

Henry, thank you for your service. Welcome home.

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