Quality is Key for Business Owner


Being a published author in the field of quality management, Corky Baggett admittedly has quite discerning taste, “It takes a lot for me to praise something,” said Baggett, “but the craftsmanship and value of my Pardee home say it all.”

Several years ago, the energetic business owner moved her entire company from the Bay Area to southern California after she fell in love with Canyon Hills in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles. There she found home prices to be reasonable, along with a quality that did not disappoint.

From day one she felt like she had found a friend in the Pardee Homes’ sales and customer service team. So much so that she frequently stops by the New Home Gallery for visits and praises the company and New Home Specialists on Facebook.

“While working in corporate America, my focus was quality control, so I recognize the excellence of Pardee’s process. I want to give credit where credit is due, so I am happy to let everyone know how I feel.”

One area of importance to Baggett is the environmental impact of a home. And she found Pardee to more than excel in that department. “Another big selling point is energy efficiency. I purchased a home at Hillside with Pardee’s basic LivingSmart® energy saving features, and I’m ecstatic about it…I’m ready to move again and am looking at another Pardee home because I wouldn’t even consider another builder.”

But even more important to Baggett than her home, is her devotion to helping the underprivileged. In conjunction with her husband Gary’s business, Uniforms Direct Inc., she spends considerable company resources helping to clothe underprivileged children, making her a treasured resident of Canyon Hills.

“Uniforms Direct, Inc. was conceived on the theory of easily and affordably obtaining school uniforms for our kids,” said Baggett. “We weren’t happy with how much school uniforms cost, so we decided to change that… we endeavored to create a way for our customers to get school uniforms at an extremely discounted price. Over the last seventeen years, we have changed our industry for the better.”

It’s obvious that Baggett has a commitment to her customers, but she also enjoys recognizing when others share that same commitment. “It’s easy to be a fan of a company like Pardee Homes,” said Baggett.

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